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North Fork American River hike 8/12/2017

This was my most strenuous hike yet. I didn’t plan it to be but I didn’t know I was going to hike on the wrong side of the river. After going so far I didn’t want to go back the way I came since I could see a trail on the South side. But I had to go farther up river than I realized before I could cross it without getting into water above my knees. The beauty is all around you though and hard to convey.

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Folsom Cash Art trail – Legacy park

Folsomcasharttrail.com I read Christine’s Blog about the Johnny Cash Trail recently and had to go see it for myself on a recent hike. I didn’t realize this was only phase I. There is also going to be a park named Johnny Cash Legacy Park. ABC10 did a story on it last year and said it was going to be done by Summer 2017. When it is done it will be 3 acres with a 40 foot sculpture of the Man In Black, an amphitheater, and other park amenities. You can contribute and have your name alone side the trail.      …

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