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Pop Rocks enjoyed at the Palladio

  The band Pop Rocks was enjoyed by many at the Palladio on 7/19/2017. They have a huge amount of energy, color and engaged with the audience very well! They hail from San Francisco and in my opinion were very professional and pleased the crowd with the selection of songs and friendliness. They gave out very colorful sunglasses to the fans. and spoke with them during the break. I would definitely like to see them again! More info on Pop Rocks: www.poprocks.me On Facebook Instagram Twitter Tour Dates

Have Mercy Band in Folsom Lions Park - 7-14-2017
2017, Sacramento area events, Summer Concerts

Hip Service in the Palladio!

The band Hip Service gave good service in the Palladio shopping center tonight! They drew one of the largest crowds this Summer so far. They definitely have the largest band in terms of members that I have seen. They also have what they call Hip Service generation 2 grooving their way through the crowd. If you get a chance to see Hip Service in action go for it. HipService.com Hip Service – Yelp Hip Service – wedding band