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California Vietnam War Memorial in 360

Vietnam War Names by County

I visited the California Vietnam War Memorial recently and thought about how many people are not able to visit it for one reason or another. I decided there is something I can do to help them see if like they are there. If you have a VR(Virtual Reality) goggles or headset this can work for you also. Or you can click and drag each photo and see everything that way.

This is the first thing you see when you come to the front of the memorial.

CA Vietnam Memorial Entrance

Here is a close up of the map.

Vietnam Map at the Ca. Vietnam War Memorial

 When you walk into the memorial you see a soldier who looks very life like.

  In the back of the memorial is a dedication plaque.


There are walls around the outside of the memorial listing the names, by county, of the people from Ca. that fought  in the war.


Vietnam War Names by County
Vietnam War Memorial Wall
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