2017, October, Reviews, V30

What do I like about the LG V30?

What do I like about the LG V30? There are a lot of things I like about the LG V30, one of which is its size. I also like the size of the screen itself. I didn’t think I would like not having a hardware home button but it’s not that bad.I don’t find that I use it very often and when I do I can swipe from the button and then press it very quickly. I like the bright, clear screen and the speed that apps open on it, and I am a BIG fan of the “always on” screen! The location of the fingerprint scanner is perfect and since it doubles as a power button I use it when I want to turn the screen off. I have an app that I also like to click/press on to turn off the screen but for some reason it needs admin access and makes me enter my code when I come out of sleep after using it. I am happy with the wide view of the secondary lens on the back but I am not happy with the fact that the 16MP lens will only shoot in 4:3 format. You have to come all the way down to a 9.7MP photo to have it use 16:9.On my Note 4 I could use 16MP and still have it at 16:9. Strike one. I also found that when recording 4K video and you have the storage set to a microSD card it can lag real bad and even lock up the phone. For that reason I am leaving the location to save media as the local device. I did find that if your V30 locks up and you don’t want to way for the battery to die you can press and hold the power button and the volume down button for 8 seconds and then it will be forced to reboot. I have had to use this 3 times in the first week. I do like having FM Radio available, I do miss the S pen but not that much as I didn’t use it very much. I do need to use the camera better and learn all it has to offer and find out what tricks the V30 can do that no other phone can do. It is a powerful phone with lots of spunk, just not 6 GB of spunk, LOL Have a great day!