2017, August, Techie Tuesday

Techie Tuesday – BareTail

Have you seen a BareTail run? It is faster than a speeding bullet!

No BareTail doesn’t run but it is fast, highly configurable, can be ran from a .exe on the local computer or a network drive and can also view files over a network. If you need to watch live log files to find and fix problems for a living this little piece of software and make your life much easier and again it is FREE! You can use BareTail to watch more than one log file at a time in different tabs. You can filter for just the text you are looking for or not looking for at the same time. You can change the font and spacing to get the best use of your monitors real estate. You can monitor huge log files. And if the free version doesn’t have enough features there is also a Pro version for a very low price for a business. You can check out the free version here and the Pro version here. Happy Techie Tuesday!

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